Introduction to CodeIgniter

CodeIgniter is a PHP-driven framework that includes a dizzying array of libraries, helpers, plug-ins, and other resources to handle many of PHP’s more complex procedures and functions. It handles all of the heavy lifting for you while remaining extremely fast. It will simplify PHP syntax, streamline the code underlying your web pages, and, most importantly, have you producing dynamic, interactive, professional websites in no time.

CodeIgniter logo

Benefits of CodeIgniter

  • Bug/Error Handling….

  • Customizability….

  • Security….

  • An easy-to-use interface….

  • No-hassle migration.

  • The MVC-Based System.

  • Rapid advancement….

  • More effective Search Engine Optimization.

Why CodeIgniter is recommended?

It is an extremely powerful PHP framework. It is designed for developers who prefer a simple and elegant toolkit for developing full-featured web applications. It is one of the best PHP frameworks for building dynamic websites.

It gives users complete freedom because they do not have to rely on the MVC development pattern. Furthermore, it supports third-party plugins, which can be useful for implementing complex functionalities. It also has excellent security and encryption procedures.

Our Services

Innovative sun team of expert use Open Source Framework  CodeIgniter development software for creating entirely functional websites and applications based on the MVC architecture (Model-View-Controller). The applications are thus compatible with standard, shared hosting accounts, PHP versions and configurations, including PHP4 and PHP5.

Following is a list of services that our talented CodeIgniter developers provide to our customers:

  •  Applications development services 
  • Integration Services
  • Application migration services
  • Portal development 
  •  Website development
  •  Upgradation services
  • Maintenance and support

Need CodeIgniter PHP Developers?

If you need to recruit an expert developer for your next project or if you want an extensive offshore software development team to outsource PHP development work on an ongoing basis, contact Innovativesun today.