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“basic computer skills course will provide you with an understanding of the most popular current technologies”

Basic Computer Courses are offered to impart basic knowledge of computers to people and improve their overall computer literacy with hands-on training. These courses cover the basics of computers which will help everyone.

Our basic computer skills courses

Advance Excel

Editing Multiple Sheets Calculations between Sheets Conditional formatting References that Slide Horizontally or Vertically IF Function Nested Functions VLOOKUP Function for Searching Data XLOOKUP Function Auditing Formulas

Ms Word,PPT,Inpage

sizes of letters find replace word or phrase, change the page layout, add table, pictures and charts provides PowerPoint Presentation with an interface
to design multimedia slides to display
on projector system.

Emails&Google Docs

With Google Docs, you can create and edit
text documents right in your web browser—no special
software is required. Even better, multiple people
as they make them, and every change is saved automatically.


Create professional resumes
and with editable templates,
share online, or download & print
from Canva's easy-to-use resume maker.


Whatsapp Support
Provide Internship
Work As Freelancer
Work With Team Members
Online Work
Facebook Support
Youtube Support

Internships, Freelance and Full-Time Work Opportunities

Join Internships and Referral Program
Work as Freelancer or Full-Time Employee

Duration and Schedule

Online & Physical classes
Monday to Friday Classes
2 Month Course
9am to 9 pm
course fee(10 thousand)
Class duration(2 Hours)